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Startup Tips

4 differences between solopreneurs and an entrepreneur working alone

There's a fine line that separates 'solopreneurs' from entrepreneurs who work alone.

The differences between solopreneurs and entrepreneurs can be subtle, especially since some entrepreneurs work alone until they can build their businesses enough to make a team. However, those who choose solopreneurship over entrepreneurship without plans to change have distinct differences.Solopreneurs don't wait for ...

by John Rampton  | May 18, 2015 12:00:00
Startup Tips

Which business structure is best for you?

Find out which one best suits your startup.

One of the most important steps a person who plans to put up a business must take is to register the enterprise with the proper government authorities.Registration enables the business to be officially recognized by the government, and gain in all the ...

by Leah B. Del Castillo, Jimbo Owen B. Gulle, Kendrick S. Go, Peter M. Imbong, And Mishell M. Malabaguio With Dulce Castillo-Morales  | December 13, 2012 10:00:00
Business Ideas

Choosing the best structure for your business

There are four main types of business structure to choose from

Registration is one of the most important steps in putting up an enterprise. If done correctly, registration leads to official recognition from the government, granting your business all the privileges and responsibilities associated with the process.In addition, registering your venture lets people ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | July 14, 2011 03:00:00