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Business Ideas

2 ways to keep the momentum of success

Avoid these two "success killers."

Amazing success in network marketing happens to less than 1 percent of those who attempt it. But those who do achieve success get to transform their lives from ordinary to magical! So what do the other 99 percent need to be aware ...

by Jopet Pedroso  | January 09, 2012 04:00:00
Business Ideas

How to build buzz for your brand

To ensure your product’s success, you need to let the public know what it’s all about. Here’s how to do it. For a business to succeed, it’s important to have a great product, but equally important is how to make the product known ...

November 28, 2011 11:00:00
Business Ideas

Expanding a food brand through a recipe book

Goldilocks launches first bakebook.

Through the years, Goldilocks, the Philippines’ number one bakeshop, has been creating one sweet moment after another. Goldilocks’ signature bakeshop favorites, such as fluffy mamon cheesy ensaymada, ever-soft chiffon cake slices classic polvoron and mocha roll, among many others, continue to please ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | November 16, 2011 03:00:00
Startup Tips

The business of bling: Tips from a jewelry entrepreneur

Things you have to know about the jewelry business

Have you ever walked in a store and felt your jaw drop when you checked the six-digit price tag of a piece of jewelry? Have you ever thought of the jewelry business as a profitable venture? asked Emil Vincent Sitjar of Emilia’s ...

by Carlo P. Mallo  | November 14, 2011 11:00:00
Business Ideas

Taking advantage of strategic intuition

Business slumps are sometimes caused by the inability of enterprises to keep pace with change, and many a company often plays a game of chess against time to find the right market opportunities. When an easy solution to an unfamiliar or complicated ...

by Jan Vincent S. Ong  | November 08, 2011 01:00:00
Business Ideas

3 ways to personalize your sales pitch

Your relationship with the customer is as important as your product

If you just really think about it, everything that an entrepreneur does boils down to selling. Whether it is services, products, or what-not, the primary goal of an entrepreneur is to sell.But selling is not as easy as it seems, and with ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | October 07, 2011 12:00:00
Business Ideas

Shopping for the best business expansion model?

How does one find the business expansion strategy that\\\'s best for one\\\'s business? Two entrepreneurs give tips

As each business is unique,  expansion strategies that work for some businesses might not work for others Both MOJO, a manufacturing and distribution business, and Bonnie's BBQ Grill, a hospitality food chain, had to try different growth models before they successfully widened ...

December 21, 2009 12:00:00