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Duterte in Forbes' Most Powerful List

Unorthodox Philippine president is No. 70, after US Vice President Mike Pence, and before Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who is just on his sixth month in office, is among the world's most powerful people, said Forbes magazine in its December 30 issue.Duterte was No. 70 on the 74-member list, which was topped by Russian President Vladimir ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | December 15, 2016 11:00:00
News and Events

”?"Democracy at its best”: Trump winning the election and America’s transition

Values must remain the same, such as the sanctity of democracy

There are lots of extremely distraught people in America today who are upset that Donald Trump was elected President. Maybe traumatized is a better word. I know that because I’ve been watching them curse, scream, rant and rave all over the news ...

by Steve Tobak  | November 29, 2016 12:00:00
News and Events

How entrepreneurs can learn from Trump’s winning branding

Specialization is better than generalization, Trump teaches us

It doesn’t matter if you’re thrilled or outraged or something in between at seeing Donald Trump become the new president-elect of the United States. Objectively, Trump ran an impressive and surprising political campaign, and it’s because of his penchant for personal branding and ...

by Jayson Demers  | November 24, 2016 06:00:00
News and Events

7 unexpected winners and losers from the US presidential election

Somewhat like in the Philippines, social media and technology were major players in the US election

The outcome of the United States presidential election revealed many things about the issues facing the country, what we American care about and what divides us. But the candidates weren't the only winners and losers here.Read on for some of the unexpected ...

by Nina Zipkin  | November 16, 2016 12:00:00
News and Events

Why immigrants are essential for entrepreneurship

How great a blow will immigrant restriction be on the US startup scene?

There are more entrepreneurs in the United States than ever before. And many of them are immigrants, whose proportion of the US population is the highest in history. According to the Migration Institute, immigrants in the United States and their US-born children now ...

by AJ Agrawal  | November 15, 2016 03:00:00
News and Events

Trump cards: What Filipino entrepreneurs can learn from the 2016 US presidential election

Avoid Facebook’s deceitful echo chambers and know how to have that reality check

He may have behaved controversially on or before the campaign period; he may have unleashed a flurry of fiery white polemic thought to have alienated too many of his potential voters, and his brow-raising proclamations may have urged political analysts to deem ...

by Angelo Cantera  | November 13, 2016 12:00:00
Business Ideas

Investor confidence in PH assessed, found solid

China’s rise, effects of terrorism, Brexit and Trump presidency examined at PIC 2016

  The very nature of business makes it vulnerable to various factors, be it demographic or socio-political. So much so that entrepreneurs, especially those who engage with global clients and trends, have constantly been on the lookout for the latest data on world ...

by Jerricho Reynaldo  | October 04, 2016 06:00:00