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Run & Grow

14 Factors That Reveal If the Company You Work For Cares for You

Is your organization as great as you think it is?

It’s a good time to be a Pinay in the workplace, as according to Grant Thornton International Ltd.’s Women in Business report featured on Business World, 46.58 percent of those holding senior managerial positions locally are women, making the Philippines the country with the ...

by Charlene J. Owen of  | March 26, 2018 12:00:00
Run & Grow

Over One-Third of Women Say Managers Don't Address Disrespectful Behavior Toward Women

One female CEO described how she rid her mind of self-doubt only after her own mother stepped in

Given the intense news events of the past few weeks, it's clear that gender inequality remains a major obstacle women for in the workplace.While many employers have tried to make improvements, change isn't coming fast enough. For this reason, Lean In and ...

by Heather R. Huhman  | November 30, 2017 02:00:00
Run & Grow

Here's Why Companies Lose 17% of Women Employees at Mid-Career

While many women take a career off-ramp for different reasons, most just don't want to be "stuck"

With unemployment at a low of 4.3 percent and the battle for talent only intensifying, organizations can’t afford to lose high-performing employees if they want to stay competitive and innovative in today’s economy. And yet, women’s participation in the U.S. workforce dwindles during the mid-career stage, ...

by Amanda Schnieders  | October 16, 2017 02:00:00