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How One Software Company is Empowering Businesses Through Its System Solutions

Multisys gives back with its invaluable technology innovations

Technology has changed the way we live. The lack of maps in our cars and of payphones in the streets is no longer a problem, and we never have to worry about carrying a huge amount of cash when going to another country. Paying bills or availing of services can now be done through digital platforms.

In the Philippines, a local software design and development company has created and powered such platforms that affect the way consumers behave and businesses operate.

Multisys Technologies Corporation is a software design and development company that focuses on advanced systems research and development. It equips macro and micro firms engaged in information technology, electronic commerce, system programming, automation, and integration—with evolving assets of system application and platform. These integrated sets of programs power a multitude of information technology innovations and system solutions in the Philippines.

Multisys designed and developed the Multisys eCommerce Platform, which was recently acquired by Meralco-Bayad Center. This platform had been successfully integrated into more than 40,000 payment channels nationwide, and will soon be introduced to other parts of Southeast Asia.

Soon to be added to Multisys' roster of systems are utility-in-a-box, a platform integrating the operation, monitoring, and payment functions for electricity, water, cable, and internet services; health-in-a-box, a platform for healthcare services like hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, and health maintenance organizations; chat-in-a-box, a platform for customer relationship management using artificial intelligence and chatbots; and Big Data Analytics Platform, a platform that will help business owners optimize their big data, handling real-time reports, and administrative decision-making.

With these platforms and many more, Multisys aims to enable businesses, consumers, and social service providers with technology that can enhance operations, convenience, and delivery of services.

Over a hundred employees, including 50 elite programmers, are behind Multisys’ numerous system applications and platforms


Multisys currently has over a hundred employees, including 50 elite programmers. Its clientele includes some of the country’s biggest companies in various industries: information technology, electronic commerce, manufacturing, utilities, academe, electronics, and service providers.

Made in Isabela

Multisys CEO David Almirol, Jr. learned the importance of nurturing an ecosystem of interconnected systems at a young age. He learned this from his father, who pioneered integrated farming in the province of Isabela: a sustainable approach to agriculture that maximizes the utilization of each component (such as land, crops, and livestock) as one that affects all others.

"Seeing my father create a productive ecosystem made me value interconnected systems. It is with this appreciation that I saw an opportunity in which my passion for programming can be put to good use," said Almirol. "I've always seen programming as a tool to develop integrated systems that help businesses flourish."

Almirol was only 19 years old when he ventured into numerous tech-related businesses. Eventually, he tried his luck as an overseas Filipino worker and eventually became a professional programmer.

Eight years ago, after his stint abroad, Almirol founded Multisys.


Multisys CEO David Almirol, Jr., CEO of Multisys Technologies Corporation


"Looking back at how Multisys came to be, I can't help but credit the challenges of starting this business and my team's humble beginnings as what makes the company's achievements all the more fulfilling," said Almirol. 

Helping businesses thrive

Having created Php4 billion worth of system platforms for various companies in the last two years, Multisys is now a manifestation of the IT community’s ability to empower businesses in a world that demands sophisticated and seamless business processes.

"Because of our own journey to success, we hope to continue supporting more networks of businesses, especially SMEs," Almirol shared.

In the Philippines, majority of business leaders see the need to go digital, but only a few have taken steps toward digital transformation—less have full digital strategies in place. This is where Multisys comes in, specializing in the creation of user-customized programs.

Multisys aims to provide the best avenues for the Filipino IT community to enhance their skills

Empowering the Filipino IT community

The company empowers Filipino IT professionals so that businesses can adapt to the ever-changing tech landscape. According to January 2017 data from the Philippine Statistics Authority, IT specialists top the list of employees who earn the highest monthly salary. However, only one percent of the country’s workforce is classified as information and communications-related workers. 

“Multisys believes in supporting the community and giving it more competitive opportunities, compensation, and benefits. We also aim to create the best avenues for Filipino IT to hone their specialized skills and talents," said Almirol.”

Last September 30, Multisys staged Clash of Codes, a one-day competition that tested the programming skills of participants. Through Clash of Codes, Almirol, together with his Multisys team, provided an avenue for Filipino programmers to prove their skills in designing and implementing system solutions that will help businesses and social services providers reach their full potential.

Among more than 200 programmers, three teams from the group category and three participants from the individual category placed in the competition, with the winners receiving Php 100,000 each, and the second placers and third placers receiving Php 50,000 and Php 30,000 each, respectively. 

“Multisys remains committed to elevating the standards of systems technology in the Philippines as it empowers the local IT community and continues to develop future-ready solutions,” said Almirol in conclusion.




This article is sponsored by Multisys.

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