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Here’s Why Buying Brand New Trucks is Cheaper in the Long Run

Don’t let the initial sticker price scare you.
Here’s Why Buying Brand New Trucks is Cheaper in the Long Run

When you’re running a business that depends on frequent trucking, it might be tempting to buy second hand. However, used trucks have all sorts of hidden costs, making brand-new vehicles a cheaper option over time.

If you want to minimize your business' operating costs, you should strongly consider buying brand-new. Here's why:


You have full knowledge of its maintenance history

The biggest disadvantage of buying a used truck is that you can never be too certain about what it’s been through. Your test drive might have turned out fine, but problems will pop up over time, like worn-out hoses and gaskets. The costs to repair these issues add up, and eventually, the used truck ends up being more expensive than a new one.


New models have better fuel efficiency

Every new generation of trucks comes with more advanced technology than the previous iteration, including advances in fuel economy. Isuzu’s new Blue Power engines, for example, run cleaner and more efficiently than older models, giving you more mileage per liter. All that fuel adds up, and if you aren’t running with fuel-efficient trucks, you could be hurting your bottom-line.


Newer trucks get better insurance rates

When your business depends on your trucks, insurance isn’t just a luxury; it’s mandatory. Because a brand-new truck—especially one that comes from a manufacturer known for the durability of its models—presents a far lower risk than used models, insurance companies are more likely to give you a much better rate for your vehicle. 


When buying a brand-new truck, go with a manufacturer that’s always looking to top itself each year. Isuzu, the leader in the local truck segment, continues to do so with its N-Series models.


All feature Blue Power engines not only maximize fuel efficiency but are built with durability in mind. Their reinforced chassis, high visibility meters, and spacious, aerodynamic cabins also guarantee that the drive is not only safe but comfortable. With all these features, the N-Series trucks are built for the long haul.


Click here for more information on the Isuzu N-Series line of trucks.

Isuzu Philippines Corporation has reached another milestone for having 30,086 total of units sold in 2017, and on the said year it has 263,470  accumulated sales in total.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Isuzu Philippines.

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