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FirstDibs in Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Getting back to business after a disaster

More than four months after the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda, many entrepreneurs in the Eastern Visayas are still not even getting close to picking up the pieces again. Here is another set of advice to set as inspiration and guidance for businessmen who are trying to rise from the disaster.

Dear Amor, I am a business owner from Tanauan, Leyte who has maintained my commerce for two decades straight. However, as many have been informed by the onrush of news during November of last year, our town, like many others in the Eastern ...

by Amor Maclang  | March 19, 2014 07:30:00
FirstDibs in Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Getting back to business after being rocked and socked

After a calamity, how can a business move on and get to the path of recovery? Amor Maclang has a few logical and effective tips that entrepreneurs can adopt so they can easily get back on their feet.

Dear Amor, My small enterprise, like many others in my area, bore the brunt of the recent typhoon. It goes without saying, but business took a really big hit. I’m not yet 100% up more than a month later, but I’m well on my ...

by Amor Maclang  | January 29, 2014 07:00:00

10 Common mistakes franchisees make

Entrepreneurs who plan to buy any business franchise should avoid these slip-ups

In order to save money, some franchisors do their own franchise development instead of hiring professional consultants. The problem with an underdeveloped franchise system is that franchisees don’t often get the support they deserve. Franchise buyers would be making a big mistake ...

by Khris Marc Ronquillo  | December 03, 2013 03:30:00
Startup Tips

How to turn a business around

Identify the problems affecting your business and make plans for improvement

Q: My wife and I put up a catering business, using her family’s recipes of traditional Filipino dishes. We used our savings and my monthly salary to buy the equipment, dinnerware and other things we needed, thinking that we would use our ...

by Henry C. Ong  | December 02, 2013 12:00:00
Business Ideas

Plan C: What do you do when it all falls apart?

What do you do when even your contingency plan falls apart? Here are a few tips on how to get back on your feet.

Goal-setting and planning allow individuals and companies to make things happen, stay ahead of the game, and exceed past achievements. You’ve given up your dreary job, embarked optimistically on your Plan B, but even that doesn’t work out. What do you do?Vicente ...

by Kristina Mae R. Ombao  | September 17, 2012 01:00:00
Startup Tips

Check that cash crunch

Q: I’m currently having a cash crunch and I don’t have a lot of fund sources to turn to. I’m thinking of either delaying payment to my suppliers or delaying my employees’ salaries. What do I do?A:Before you start thinking of doing ...

by Henry C. Ong  | August 30, 2012 01:00:00
Business Ideas

Is your business prepared for disasters?

Being unprepared for calamities can seriously damage a business.

Almost half  or 48 percent of Filipino businesses do not have a disaster recovery (DR) plan in place for their IT and 45 percent have no business continuity for their workplace requirements. The catastrophic spate of disasters that occurred in 2011, including ...

December 22, 2011 03:00:00
Business Ideas

The Beverly Hills 6750 saga [Part 4]

Reconstructing a beauty business

Road to recoveryOn February 1, 2008, Beverly Hills 6750, through their lawyers, filed the first of four estafa cases against Bunevacz, suing him for P1.8 million. In total, the estafa cases claim that Bunevacz embezzled at least P18 million from the clinic. ...

by Peter Imbong  | November 01, 2011 01:00:00
Business Ideas

The Beverly Hills 6750 saga [Part 3]

Reconstructing a beauty business

 Problem uncoveredOn December 13, 2007, broke the story that the Bunevacz couple had been “booted out” of Beverly Hills 6750. Days later, the clinic issued a statement confirming that the Bunevaczs had indeed left the company, and that the clinic’s lawyers ...

by Peter Imbong  | October 31, 2011 01:00:00
Business Ideas

The Beverly Hills 6750 saga [Part 2]

Reconstructing a beauty business

Convincing, insistentAccording to Santos, Bunevacz approached him in March 2006 after being recommended by a common pastor. “At first I said (to David), ‘I’m not the person you’re looking for,’ because I felt that the facility should be headed by a plastic ...

by Peter Imbong  | October 30, 2011 11:00:00
Business Ideas

The Beverly Hills 6750 saga [Part 1]

Reconstructing a beauty business

Beverly Hills 6750 is a multi-specialty aesthetic center that offers cosmetic surgery and other beauty services. To Filipinos, the name brings to mind the glitz and glamour of that opulent city in California where many Hollywood stars live. Even the clinic’s location, ...

by Peter Imbong  | October 29, 2011 08:00:00
Startup Tips

Entrepreneurs share lessons from business missteps

They tell us how they emerged stronger because of it

A common trait among entrepreneurs is that they are usually risk takers. Most quit or turn their backs from promising corporate careers or risk significant amounts on a novel idea. In starting up their businesses, entrepreneurs are often challenged to react to ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | August 19, 2011 11:00:00