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Health Care Could be the Next Big Thing in Franchising, Says Expert

Francorp’s Sam Christopher Lim also warns of saturation in the food sector

A wide gap in the supply and demand of health services arising from higher average household incomes and inadequate government health services is creating an opportunity for owners of medical clinics, wellness centers, pharmacies and other retailers of medicines and health products ...

by Elyssa Christine Lopez  | July 25, 2017 12:00:00
News and Events

QC Business Owners Near Hospitals Could Benefit from LGU’s Medical Tourism Push

The local government wants to turn areas around hospitals into medical support zones

The Quezon City government wants to develop medical support zones around a cluster of specialized government hospitals in the city in a bid to become a major medical tourism destination in the world by the year 2020.The city is host to a ...

by Cherrie Regalado  | June 13, 2017 12:00:00
News and Events

AI-equipped Apple Watch Can Detect Irregular Heartbeat and Signs of a Stroke

With further work, the Watch might help prevent strokes in susceptible patients

The Apple Watch may become a useful tool in detecting an abnormal heartbeat, according to a study by heart rate app-maker Cardiogram and the UCSF Health lab. They determined that the wearable, when paired with neural network algorithms, is 97 percent accurate in detecting paroxysmal atrial ...

by Steve Dent  | May 16, 2017 12:00:00
Business Ideas

Guerilla Race: The business of running a military-type race and its founder’s silent battle

This upstart of a race event shows no signs of abandoning its promising run

He may have been diagnosed with stage four bladder cancer, but Dennis Bumanglag, the former military officer who founded one of the most unique race organizing companies based in the Philippines, has chosen not to run from his duties.A case in point ...

by Angelo Cantera  | November 21, 2016 02:00:00
Run & Grow

The science behind how sleep makes you smarter

Sleep is the foundation of physical health, mental energy and good biz

I’m a science geek. I like to know why a particular approach to life or technique for success works. Otherwise, I tend to glaze over when faced with another “X Ways to Achieve Y Results” article. In the absence of research or ...

by Greg Wells  | November 17, 2016 06:00:00
Run & Grow

Working at your desk all day could be killing you (Infographic)

From an ergonomic perspective, the typical workspace is a cluster of slow-motion booby traps

Not to sound like an alarmist, but your desk could be killing you – and your business.In the United States, an estimated 75 to 80 percent suffer from lower back pains due primarily to our sedentary, sitting-saturated lives. All that discomfort adds up to a ...

by Aaron Orendorff  | October 31, 2016 03:00:00
Run & Grow

4 must-have traits to protect your health and ensure your business success

Because there’s a nexus between succeeding in business and health

The same core principles that you implement to build a successful business can be implemented to achieve your best health.But far too often, many people get ahead of themselves and start to let minute details slow them down.Just as worrying about the ...

by Julian Hayes II  | October 30, 2016 06:00:00
Business Ideas

From hilot to glamping: How Nurture Wellness Village grows wealth from health

This Cavite farm tourism destination continues its pioneering advocacies

As worn out as it may seem to be, the adage “health is wealth” never fails in serving the bottom line of a growing number of lifestyle businesses. And as health and wellness has now grown into a trillion dollar global industry, ...

by Zean Villongco  | October 20, 2016 08:00:00
Business Ideas

The Feelgood couple

Husband-and-wife team introduces healthy eating into Filipino food mainstream

 Who knew that being “dragged kicking and screaming” into alternative health practices would one day help Katharina Rempe Azanza and her husband David Azanza in business? Their complementary brands—detoxification juice delivery Juju Cleanse and dedicated salad joint Juju Eats—would not have been ...

by Entrepreneur Staff  | August 02, 2016 02:00:00
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9 yoga poses you can do at your desk (Infographic)

Simple, easy and guaranteed not to make you look weird

If you’re a yogi or yogini, you know the benefits of yoga on the body. It can help make you happier and improve flexibility and focus. But sometimes, co-workers don’t exactly appreciate your mid-day yoga routine, and may think you’re a little ...

by Grace Reader  | August 02, 2016 02:00:00
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Attention binge-watchers: Watching too much TV could potentially kill you

Avoid pulmonary embolism by limiting your TV viewing

Binge-watching may not just be bad for your brain. It may not do your body good either. And now, new research suggests it could even kill you.You might not want to sit down for this, couch potatoes, but Japanese scientists have discovered that sitting on ...

by Kim Lachance Shandrow  | July 29, 2016 05:00:00
Startup Tips

Can imagining exercise make you more fit?

Don’t underestimate the mind-body connection.

Conventional wisdom tells us that exercising helps relieve stress. But for people who are less athletically inclined, the idea of going to the gym is more likely to make them break out in a cold sweat.So what if there were a way to get ...

by Nina Zipkin  | July 16, 2016 01:00:00
Startup Tips

This is where your words are stored in your brain

Learn about the semantic system.

Here is how this fascinating study is described in "The meaning of language is represented in regions of the cerebral cortex collectively known as the ‘semantic system’.However, little of the semantic system has been mapped comprehensively, and the semantic selectivity of most regions ...

by Entrepreneur US Staff  | May 02, 2016 11:00:00