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How to Create a Viral Video Smash Hit

If your video evokes a positive emotion that can be tied back to your brand, you're on the right...

byNathan Chan | Mar 28, 2017

A Guide To Rewarding Your Customers

Mobile and digital means to get your customers to buy again and again

byNicai de Guzman | Mar 15, 2017

9 Sales and Marketing Tips for Startups

How you sell yourself is different than how you market yourself

byMike Kappel | Jan 27, 2017

Put Your Money Where Your Marketing Is

Marketing budgets will see increased budgets in 2017, including a focus on digital marketing, a new...

byConstance Aguilar | Dec 27, 2016

The 5 Marketing Trends to Keep Your Eyes on for 2017

From detailed content to innovative social-media campaigns, here are some trends to look out for in...

bySmall Business PR | Dec 23, 2016

Listen Up: Queen of Retail Talks Trends for 2017

Bricks-and-clicks strategies, pop-up stores and experiential marketing are things to watch out for...

byAmy Osmond Cook | Dec 7, 2016

3 ways for startups to master the art of emailing

Rule number one – be a real person

byPhong Ly | Nov 29, 2016

How entrepreneurs can learn from Trump’s winning branding

Specialization is better than generalization, Trump teaches us

byJayson Demers | Nov 24, 2016

5 writing tactics for making more business

Sharpen your marketing approach to connect with readers in a meaningful way

byYatin Khulbe | Nov 12, 2016

PH startup marketing firm champions ad automation for small businesses

Using Brand Philosophy’s technology, local MSMEs can now use machines, codes to buy ads in...

byAngelo Cantera | Nov 7, 2016

How you can build your personal brand – with science!

Make neuroscience work for you by choosing colors, fonts and imagery that push consumers to buy

byChristina Baldassarre | Oct 27, 2016

14 easy, low-cost ways authors can promote their books

Book marketing doesn't have to cost thousands

byScott Lorenz | Oct 23, 2016